With the proper use of space planning, balance and proportion,
Nicole Ballard Design Group brings together the necessary elements to achieve
a well-designed and organized space.

  • Traditional Living Room
  • Safari Playroom
  • Reading Alcove
  • Spa Retreat
  • Timeless Living Room
  • Coastal Family Room
  • Contemporary Living Room
  • Executive Office
  • Global Entry
  • Guest Bath
  • Urban Jazz Living Room
  • Bath Decor
  • Talbert Living Room
  • Talbert Living Room
Traditional Living Room1 Safari Playroom2 Reading Alcove3 Spa Retreat4 Timeless Living Room5 Coastal Family Room6 Contemporary Living Room7 Executive Office8 Global Entry9 Guest Bath10 Urban Jazz Living Room11 Bath Decor12 Talbert Living Room13 Talbert Living Room14

“Make the place you live, the place you love” -Nicole Ballard

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